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Primal Defense Probiotics with HSO’s 45,90,180 and 216 Tablets

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What are Probiotics and why do I need them?

Probiotics are beneficial or good and friendly bacteria that play a very important role in maintaining good health.† Healthy human intestines contain billions of both good and potentially harmful pathogenic microorganisms. The good and friendly bacteria in the intestines are thought to be an important part of normal immune system support.

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Product Description

Probiotics are also important because they are able to synthesize certain vitamins and short-chain fatty acids to support a healthy intestinal lining as well as bolster immunity.† When your lining of your intestines is occupied by healthy and fieindly beneficial flora, it deprives unwelcome pathogenic microorganisms of both space and nutrients.

Healthy people generally have a ratio of approximately 85% of good and beneficial to 15% potentially harmful pathogenic organisms in the intestinal tract. Sometimes, even those who appear to be well might have an unfavorable ratio because of a daily exposure to environmental toxins and a modern lifestyle. For example, taking antibiotics or drinking chlorinated water may change the optimal microbial balance essential for good health.

Garden of Life believes that probiotics are most beneficial when they are not separated from their food source. Primal Defense®, unlike other isolated probiotic products, contains fermented whole foods and multiple strains of beneficial probiotics in the form of the Homeostatic® Soil Organism Probiotic Blend.

If I’m healthy, how can I benefit from taking Primal Defense®?

Total health begins in the gut, so an optimized digestive tract has a plethora of health benefits. Primal Defense contains probiotics that support healthy gut flora balance, promote regular bowel function, and maintain a normal immune system — all of which are necessary to support overall health.†

The probiotics in Primal Defense maximize the benefits of a healthy diet by supporting normal absorption and assimilation of nutrients in the gut.†

What is Primal Defense HSO Probiotic?

Primal Defense is the only probiotic formula that contains a unique whole food blend with Homeostatic® Soil Organisms (HSOs). The HSOs in Primal Defense are important probiotics you would acquire in abundance, if your food came from soil that is untainted by pesticides, herbicides and other widely used chemicals. To replace the valuable probiotics that our pasteurized, irradiated and disinfected food no longer provides, Primal Defense includes 12 species of hardy beneficial microorganisms in the form of the HSO Probiotic Blend. The unique HSOs in Primal Defense takes you to a new level of total health.

The leading whole food probiotic containing Homeostatic® Soil Organisms (HSOs).
The HSO Probiotic Blend in Primal Defense® helps to support a normal gastro-intestinal balance of good and potentially harmful, pathogenic bacteria which helps maintain a balanced and healthy internal environment.†
Contains probiotics that promote regular bowel function and help maintain an already healthy immune system – both of which are beneficial to overall health.†
Maximizes the benefits of a healthy diet by supporting normal absorption and assimilation of nutrients in the intestine.†
Unlike other probiotics, the key probiotics in Primal Defense can thrive in the toughest digestive environments and are not affected by stomach acid as well as bile acid.
Select ingredients in Primal Defense are produced through the Garden of Life proprietary Poten-Zyme® fermentation process to make nutrients more available to the body.
Primal Defense comes in two easy-to-use forms: Powder and Caplets.
What can occur if I don’t have enough beneficial bacteria?

A lack of beneficial bacteria in your diet may result in an imbalance in your internal environment and a lack of support for a normal immune system function.†

What is the difference between Primal Defense HSO’s and other probiotics?

Primal Defense® is the only probiotic that contains 12 species of hardy and beneficial microorganisms in the form of the HSO Probiotic Blend. The ability of the probiotics in Primal Defense to support the normal healthy flora balance in the digestive tract is not based solely on CFU count, but additionally on their ability to withstand harsh conditions in the digestive tract, like stomach acid and bile. Primal Defense also contains naturally occurring substances that function as prebiotics, which feed probiotics .

What are HSOs and where do they come from?

Large scale use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals has changed the bacterial balance of the soil. In order to obtain the benefits we historically acquired from consuming foods cultivated in healthy soil, Garden of Life developed a Homeostatic Soil Organism Probiotic Blend using 12 species of beneficial microorganisms.

Suggested Use of Primal Defense:

Primal Defense® comes in two easy-to-use forms: Powder and Caplets. Adults take 1 caplet or 1 included scoop 3 times per day with 8 oz of water or juice. Its a good idea to begin with 1 caplet or scoop per day and gradually increase to suggested amount. Best taken on an empty stomach. Loading doses may be 6-12 per day.

Additional Information

Weight 1.25 lbs

45 caps, 90 caps, 180 caps, 216 caps, 81g Powder


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