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Makers Diet Revolution by Jordan Rubin – Press Release

The New Makers Diet Revolution Book
Gail Bowman Joins Jordan Rubin to Announce it.

Press Release:

Jordan Rubin, a world-renowned natural health expert, author, and founder of Beyond Organic, announced plans to re-release his New York Times best-seller The Maker’s Diet (2004) as well as a sequel titled The Maker’s Diet Revolution in November 2013. According to Gail Bowman, a Senior Vice President for Beyond Organic, “The sequel is one of the most highly anticipated health titles of the year. The original Maker’s Diet made a huge difference in the health food and organic foods industry, so it is always exciting to see what Jordan has done this time.

In a recent interview, Rubin said, “It’s been nearly a decade since The Maker’s Diet was published, and a lot has changed on the health front since then. In my upcoming book The Maker’s Diet Revolution, I am sharing the information I’ve accumulated over the years with people who are seeking the best natural health solutions for their families. Our nation is sicker than ever before, and people are finally realizing they must make changes and take charge of their own health situations.”

The Maker’s Diet Revolution outlines a 10-day health transformation designed to jump start overall health on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Rubin also offers his insights and recommendations on the important health benefits associated with fasting, cleansing, pure water, antioxidants, protein, fiber, sprouting, and much more. With detailed plans for each day, readers will learn how to get their health back on track in 10 days by eating whole foods, maximizing digestion by eating at certain times, and cleansing the body of harmful toxins. The book also outlines a maintenance plan that emphasizes the importance of eating organic food and choosing healthy water and beverages.

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