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Beyond Organic success stories from the Jump Start programs, Get REAL 14-Day Plan.

Hi everyone.

Makers Diet Revolution Book  We want to share with you some new information about Jordan Rubin and Beyond Organic, as you may  all know Jordan Rubin published his new book. “The Makers Diet Revolution”.

The Makers Diet Revolution Features the 10-Day Daniel Diet: Lose weight and transform your body,        mind and spirit.


Because you want to become a healthier person and have a healthier lifestyle here are some testimonials from people that joined the “Revolution”. This information was provided by Jordan Rubin and the Beyond Organic Insider.

Beyond Organic

The success stories from the Jump Start programs keep on rolling in…

We are extremely impressed with the 14-Day Get Fit Plan. What a fun & easy way to take things to the next level, regardless of where someone is starting from! The eBook, recipes, instructions, and support structure make a HUGE difference compared to just “doing your best on your own.” We’re grateful to be participating with such an uplifting, encouraging group of people and so excited to include this as part of our overall wellness plan.

A huge thanks to Jordan Rubin and to ALL involved! The three 14-day Jump Start plans are transforming lives in a powerful way.

- Mark & Deb Bruckschen

I have gone to bed at 8:30ish every night since staring the cleanse, because I get up so early for work, but every morning I am getting up at 3:30am, one hour before the alarm. During the day I don’t feel tired, but full of energy. Love the 14-day challenge so far!! Plus the recipes that we have cooked so far are WONDERFUL!! Even my picky son likes them!

I could not have gotten this far without the support of the Facebook page! Great support, ideas and help with many questions!!

Pamela Pontius Abel

An Example of of one of the 14 day Jump Start plan

Beyond Organic – Get REAL 14-Day Plan

Get REAL | A guided 14-day plan for busy moms, dads, and anyone looking to lose weight, boost energy and kick cravings.

 It’s time to “Get REAL” about your health—time to focus on you—because a healthy family starts with a healthy you. The Get REAL 14-day experience was specifically designed by Family Wellness Coach Angelle Batten for people who “don’t have time” to cleanse—specifically busy moms and dads, as well as on-the-go professionals and everyone who wants a hassle-free way to jump start their weight loss, kick their cravings and boost their energy. The Get REAL program combines healthy foods and beverages, shipped from our farm to your home, and a simple, guided 14-day plan complete with daily menus and quick recipes.

The Get REAL 14-day Experience includes everything you need to be successful:

  • Suero Cleanse Bronze (eighteen 16-oz. bottles)
  • Plain Amasai (six 16-oz.bottles)
  • Terrain Sacred Herbs (one 15-oz. bottle)
  • Get REAL eBook
  • Personalized Coaching and Guidance in the Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Daily Email Guidance
  • Quick and Easy Cleansing Recipes
  • Cleansing and Detox Tips and Guidelines
  • Live and/or Recorded Calls with Bonus Learning and Personalized Support
  • A copy of Live Beyond Organic by Jordan Rubin

Please visit the Beyond Organic website for more information


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