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Garden of Life Supplements

Jordan Rubin

Jordan Rubin founded Garden of Life in June of 2000.
His focus was on 2 main ideas:

      To formulate and make available to everyone,  top quality nutritional supplements made from whole foods.
      Spread the word with as many people as he could about all that he had found out about relating to food, diet, and lifestyle.

This is what guided Jordan along his path to achieving extraordinary health.

In the last 15 years, Garden of Life has evolved into becoming one of the leaders in offering high-end quality supplements in the Natural Product Industry. They give people a wide variety of whole food supplements that help their consumes achieve ooptimall health.

Jordan has written many books on health and wellness as well.

Maintaining good health is something that involves many aspects of of life style, which together, lead to a healthy body and mind.

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